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M Pearce Trucking Ltd utilizes an extensive network of partnerships and owner operators to service its broad customer base throughout North America. Strategically located near the Canada/U.S. border, M Pearce Trucking Ltd serves all of North America with high-quality, dependable transportation services,

It's modern fleet includes a variety of Dry Box Vans and Temperature Controlled equipment geared to suit the needs of clientele in such diverse industry sectors as farm produce, food & beverage, automotive, and retail, to name a few. M Pearce Trucking Ltd utilizes the latest technology to better meet your needs and to provide you with the service you deserve from your transportation professionals.

Our terminal is ideally located in Southern Ontario, so we can cater to all your Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload shipments between Canada and the United States. M Pearce Trucking Ltd provides customized transportation and logistics solutions to improve your overall supply chain effectiveness. Our people, resources and technology are focused on handling your supply chain requirements throughout Canada, and the U.S.

Our dependable transportation services have helped us grow into one of the most successful Just-In-Time transportation companies.

Now, find out what we can do for you.

Authorities and Insurance

* Certificate of Liability Insurance [PDF]
* CSA Certificate [PDF]
* MCS 90 [PDF]
* ON CVOR Certificate [PDF]
* PIP Certificate [PDF]
* PQ Authority [PDF]
* SCAC Code [PDF]
* US Safety Rating [PDF]
* WSIB Certificate [PDF]

We are currently expanding our service and searching for experienced Owner-Operators to join our team.